Three Reasons You Don’t Trade with LeBron’s Confidence


talent-is-a-mythTalent is a myth.

Elite performance is earned. This means it’s within your grasp. There are principles of elite performance that produce results. Right now, your trading produces results. Good or bad you are getting results.

But you know you can do better. Professionals understand how to consistently perform at a high level.

That understanding is what you crave.

How to Become Great

The pursuit of elite performance is your objective. To be labeled a professional. How do you make it happen?

Habits produce results. Your daily routine is creating your current outcomes. Professionals like LeBron have routines that empowers confidence. LeBron knows what he is going to do, he has put in the reps.

Have you ever met a professional athlete? It’s just different. You can feel it.

How do you spend your spare time? Winning happens in the quiet of the night. After hours.

Is your Playbook documented or in your head? Are you ready to win or do you wait for the market to unfold? Are you ready to manage a trade or do you react?

Professionals are the top 1% because they are “gym rats”. Confident is what they are, routine and repetition are the reason why. It’s not something they need to find.

One Game at a Time

Ever watch an interview with the team that “came back from the brink?”

“We just took it one game at a time.” Same answer every time. Success leaves clues.

Professionals focus on process goals. The stuff they can control. You should do the same.

Create a mindset of one good trade. Make every trade your best idea at that moment. Each trade is a game for you to manage the process. An opportunity to manifest your daily routine in pursuit of elite performance.

Natural talent is a myth.

You have the skills. It’s time for you to be a professional.

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