One trade, five reasons it failed

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During our 11AM mentoring session today a good trade was presented and failed for 5 reasons.  Let’s review this trade and those reasons, with the hope that it will help you think through future trades. FXCM has been In Play into the end of year, rising from 11-25, as you can see from the chart below. The trendline broke below … Read More

17 Reasons Why Traders Love to Trade

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I recently visited the University of Central Florida to discuss what makes a successful trader. After my lecture, a crowd of students stayed behind, gathered and peppered me with questions. A philosophical non-traditional student, who had traded and then just quit one day wondering what the point to trading was asked, “Why do you enjoy trading?” I was a bit … Read More

Three Reasons You Don’t Trade with LeBron’s Confidence

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Talent is a myth. Elite performance is earned. This means it’s within your grasp. There are principles of elite performance that produce results. Right now, your trading produces results. Good or bad you are getting results. But you know you can do better. Professionals understand how to consistently perform at a high level. That understanding is what you crave. How … Read More

Six Reasons Traders Fail That Most Traders Don’t Think About

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1. Lack of direction. Traders often fail to establish clear goals and create plans to achieve those goals. When traders fail to develop complete business and trading plans before entering the market they are setting themselves up for failure. 2. Impatience. This occurs when traders try to accomplish too much too soon, or expect to get results far faster than is truly possible. … Read More