Trading Class This Thursday

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5 inspirations from Dr. Steenbarger’s Master Class

Yesterday I posted 21 key takeaways from Dr. Steenbarger’s recent Master Class at the TradersExpo.   During the introduction of the Master Class Dr. Steenbarger challenged us to write down our goal for our time with him.  I wrote, “To be inspired with ideas to teach and train our guys better!” He promised not to stop teaching until each of … Read More

How The Locke Master Class Series Will Get You to the Next Level

Here is a summary of some of the key themes you will see throughout the Locke Master Class Series which is available at a significant discount until December 1st. Learn advanced market neutral trading techniques Many traders understand the benefits of market neutral trading — but few understand how to take seemingly limited return trades and get more out of them. … Read More

A master class of trading lessons from Las Vegas

Last weekend SMB Capital was a sponsor for Traders4ACause in Las Vegas.  Many notables from the trading community presented.  Below are highlights of the lessons learned from this charity event.  I hope their ideas give you ideas to improve your trading and investing. Peter Brandt Models and bottles are not a good reason to enter trading. My presuppositions about trading … Read More

What is Checkmate Options Trading?

  Andrew believes there is no better way to learn than through watching live examples. So, this Thursday at 10:00 AM Eastern, he will host a live class to go through the process of finding, executing and managing long and short options trades using a multifaceted approach he calls “Checkmate Trading”. This class is a one time event and will last … Read More

A World Class Training Program

Dr. Steenbarger of TraderFeed started an important conversation about the ideal training program for traders. As the partner of a trading firm founded on the principle of offering the best intraday equities training program on the street, we would like to contribute to this conversation. My thoughts are meant to supplement what Dr. Steenbarger has already shared so some things … Read More