What is Checkmate Options Trading?

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Andrew believes there is no better way to learn than through watching live examples.

So, this Thursday at 10:00 AM Eastern, he will host a live class to go through the process of finding, executing and managing long and short options trades using a multifaceted approach he calls “Checkmate Trading”.

This class is a one time event and will last approximately 1.5 hours. The recording will be available for your review if you aren’t able to attend — or you want to review the information more carefully.

You will learn strategies that Andrew has spent years developing — and you will learn strategies that can be applied to ETF options, stock options, and index options.

You will learn how to trade options in a way that gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage trades whether or not you have a good directional bias.

Options trading truly is unique in the sense that you can trade with a high probability of success WITHOUT PREDICTING the direction of the stock or index.

Learn from Andrew’s insights and develop your own “Checkmate Trades” this Thursday at 10AM.

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