Perception and Trading

Laurel or Yanny? There are a few viral videos going around in which different people perceive different words despite listening to the same audio clip. This one is particularly impressive to me: You can hear EITHER one, simply by telling yourself that is what you’re about to hear. Kind of bizarre given the cadence and different syllables of the two … Read More

Drills For Skills

A few weeks ago I was working with a futures trading student that had been a bit beaten up as of late. We chose to take the path of stripping his trading plan down to its core. We chose to go back to basics. That’s not all though. We also came up with a plan to use market replay to … Read More

See the hypos!

I’m grinning from ear to ear today. One of my mentees was tasked yesterday to begin preparing premarket “hypos” each morning. It’s just what it sounds like – a few hypotheses for how the day might unfold, therefore providing a roadmap for the day with key inflection points and potential targets. Here’s a screenshot of his premarket journal post in … Read More

A Trader’s Definition of Hell

What would a trader’s definition of hell be? I say it’s the following: On your last day on earth, the trader you became will meet the trader you could have become. Scary to think about isn’t it? I have two ways of avoiding “trader hell” that I’ll share with you. Focus on process. I can guarantee you that if you … Read More

Why Smart and Successful People Fail at Trading

SMB trains traders from all around the world. And we’ve discovered something interesting. We’ve learned that there is a very low correlation between past success and success at trading. Ivy League graduates and successful entrepreneurs alike often struggle with their trading despite past successes. A common misconception among these intelligent traders is that they believe they will succeed at trading … Read More

[Free Webinar] 16 Ideas to Enhance Your Trading in 2016

Learn 16 lessons on how and why our professional traders have succeeded. Get actionable ideas you can implement tomorrow with your trading. Discover how to transform into a consistently profitable trader. All this from the managing partner of SMB Capital and author of the trading classics One Good Trade and The PlayBook. Click here to learn more and register now. … Read More

Help Us Develop SMBU Premium 2016 For You

2015 was the first year for SMBU Premium and it was great. Traders around the world learned lessons that were presented systematically while using examples from the current market throughout the year. The scheduled progression of topics was a great way for traders to learn layer by layer. This gave our students a chance to incrementally implement each lesson into … Read More

New Visualization Exercises To Boost Your Investing and Trading

  Visualization and mental practice are tools that can take you to the next level of performance in your trading and investing. These tools can have a transformational impact on your mental game, helping you to execute better in every facet of your investing and trading. In fact, they are so important that I have compiled a resource page on … Read More