Drills For Skills

Merritt BlackFutures, Trader Development

A few weeks ago I was working with a futures trading student that had been a bit beaten up as of late. We chose to take the path of stripping his trading plan down to its core. We chose to go back to basics. That’s not all though. We also came up with a plan to use market replay to rebuild core skills essential to him being able to execute this stripped down methodology.

There are two major things going on here:

  1. Strip away the advanced, the noisy, the more discretionary, and the more complex when you’re in need of getting back to consistency as a trader. Get back to the essence of your edge, beef up your selectivity, and commit to excellence around process.
  2. We used market replay to “drill” and get reps of very specific skill sets. We can’t just willpower our way into better trading guys! We need to get reps in with a real focus on specific skill development. Just like any other elite performance activity.

A week later the trader told me it felt like he had been in a bad car wreck, then went to rehab to re-build out some motor function skills. I loved this analogy, it’s so perfect for what we need to do as developing, or re-developing, traders.

Dust off those market replay systems guys, approach a replay session with the mindset of a sports drill to improve something very specific, rather than just hoping to “get better” in general. The prior will lead to much better and quicker results.

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