You choose how you will react to trading obstacles

BellaBella Daily Update

I was met by a smiling trader in the hall who is trading nowhere near as big as he wants, but was thrilled with his recent trading consistency.  His focus was on his happiness with this trading consistency, from which he could see a clear path to grow.  You choose how to react to your trading results.

Another international trader was irked in his Daily Report Card about the nonsense being propagated in a chat room to which he contributes.  The comments were bothering him and potentially distracting his trading.  He was choosing to be bothered.

A trader commuted from Phili to trade on our desk and was met with a laptop malfunction leaving him unable to trade.  He called over tech support, who could not troubleshoot the issue, and this trader was sent packing back to his hometown.  He shrugged it off, called the equivalent of the Geek Squad for an appointment, finished up his work in NYC, and pleasantly went home.  You choose how you will react to mishaps that hit your trading.

There will be tech issues, missed trades, slippage, keystroke errors, Trump tweets moving markets, wicks that find your stops, permabears politicking their views, inconvenient phone calls, bad breakups, and a menu of general disappointment.  You control how you will respond.  You choose how you will react to all of these trading obstacles.

*no relevant positions