Volatility Has Returned, But for How Long?

smbcapitalTrading Ideas

Here’s something that you can learn from and potentially add to your trading to increase your chances of being profitable every month.

SMB added an options trading desk a few years ago. Over that time we have seen a very valuable pattern develop.

When directional equities and futures traders are struggling with low volatility, the options desk is usually doing very well. Conversely, when the options desk is struggling with sharp increases in volatility, the equities traders are doing even better.

The most important part of this relationship is that each desk outperforms the other when it’s their time to shine. And many times, both are generating profits at the end of the day.

We are encouraging all equities traders to seriously consider adding market neutral index options trading to their trading playbook.

This week we are going to share with you some specific ways that you can apply options to your trading — in a way that is designed to fit within an active intraday trader’s schedule.

Stay tuned.