The March Bearish Butterfly–the wheels of the $RUT grinds slowly upwards

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This post is the second in a series that we will be publishing over the next several weeks, tracking the hypothetical performance of the bearish butterfly trade as it would have been handled according to our guidelines contained in SMB’s Bearish Butterfly Video Series.

In the law there is an expression, “the wheels of justice grind slowly”. To bearish butterfly traders, one of the most annoying market conditions is the slow upward grind of the vehicle that we are trading–in this case the Russell 2000. This trade, which is predicated on the premise that all rallies experience a pullback at one point, is elongated by a slow grinding rally, and our March position is no exception.

On February 1 we added the butterfly centered at 800 and then last Friday, after the Employment Situation report was announced, and the market rallied hard, we added the 820 and 840 butterflies and sold the 780, all according to guidelines. As of today, the trade is down 12% with 37 days before expiration.The risk graph looks like this presently:

If we get the long overdue sell-off in the $RUT, we will most likely be in much improved shape on the trade. If not, we will continue to roll our butterflies upward to keep pace with the market. Stay tuned for our next move……

John Locke

Locke In Your Success, LLC

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