What is Your Big Picture?

Every trader must see their big picture. At SMB we make trading decisions based upon three factors: Reading the Tape, Technical Analysis, and Intraday Fundamentals. We teach our traders to think of a big circle with each of these factors inside. How do you determine your big picture?   Today during an informal discussion one of our new SMB Training … Read More

Open Your Mind

Truth be told I am somewhat amused each morning when our intern AGray pops by my station seeking our “Best AM Idea” for the Open.  I am a trader and not a predictor.  As a trader part of your job is to identify the MOST important prices in a stock and if a stock touches one such price you are … Read More

The Market Doesn’t Care About Your Opinion (KSS)

The market doesn’t care about your opinion.  If you have a problem with this, get over it.  Today during our After the Open Review one our Newbs got a harsh tongue lashing for thinking he knew better than the market.   This is a learning experience for us all. Iron Mike Mike made a great trade in KSS on the … Read More

Bella on Talk Your Book on StockTwits TV

At 9PM EST Bella will appear on Talk Your Book on StockTwits TV with Dr. Phil Pearlman. Literally Mike will be talking about his book One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading (Wiley Trading) Mike also will discuss the importance of StockTwits.

Measuring Your Levels

Imagination is more important than knowledge… Albert Einstein We just got out of a Tradecast where one of our traders confused himself because he valued every level equally. All levels are not created equal. Before entering a trade you should ask: where can this stock go? During our Tradecast New Trader Mike showed tape of APC where he had two … Read More

Be Careful When Your Routine Changes

I have a fairly set schedule each trading day.  But on Thursday morning  my routine changes as I have a pre-work obligation that changes my schedule.  I generally arrive at the office one hour later than usual and do not run the AM Meeting.  This change in routine has had some fairly negative consequences on my trading PnL.  90% of … Read More


I have no idea which is worse the manipulation that I have observed in DNDN the past few years or the way the NASDAQ and SEC handles the manipulation. Last year DNDN was pushed intraday from 24 to 7 and the NASDQ decided to halt. There was no news and no prosecutions. It re-opened after the halt at 25. There … Read More