Inside The Trading Vault – Trade Review -DLTR-

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SMB will be hosting a free webinar on October 6th where I will outline several trades based on techniques taught in the Vault.  In my last post, I mentioned the Power of Mechanical Process – Today, we’ll discuss the Power of Trade Reliability by this trade review One of the byproducts of strong mechanical process is Trade Reliability. When a chart builds a … Read More

Inside The Trading Vault – Review GPRO, and KO

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In a prior post, I presented the concept of retest support and resistance in a formation before a chart expands into any kind of trending space Trading Vault Concept – “Support and resistance structures are reliable.  They provide ideal trading targets- for entry and exit.  Learning to develop the patience to wait on them to develop is the real struggle … Read More

Inside The Trading Vault – A look at CL_F

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      Trading Vault Concept – “When charts are in a trend, we are often tempted to pick bottoms or tops because we FEEL a chart has reversed enough.  The slightest drift over or under a level, we trigger our trades to initiate a trade in the direction of the move, but in these markets breakout and breakdown levels … Read More