Ban Day Trading Part I

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I began my professional career as a “day trader” a little over thirteen years ago. Little did I know at the time that I would one day become a strong advocate for banning myself from the market. The Institutional Day Trader First, let me offer a little bit of background information regarding “day trading” before I explain why it, other … Read More

Time to Make Some Bank

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It’s earnings season.  This is our playoffs.  Living in these uncertain times the market is volatile.  Adding this fact to earnings season offers us an unusual amount of trading opportunity.  This is an excellent trading market.  And as an intraday trader there is a large check the market is about to write to you if you just act in your … Read More

Nothing but RIMM

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There were two good trading opportunities in RIMM today.  Below 50 on the Open was an excellent short.  Above 47.50 after the Stimulus Package agreement was leaked.  Everything else, and I mean everything else, was a shit show.  Let’s discuss. First, I am not a huge fan of cussing.  But if you had just spent the day trading RIMM like … Read More

A Couple of Interesting Things

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I haven’t posted in a while.  I have been focusing on my trading.  I’ll probably post something later this week.  But there were a few really interesting articles I’ve seen recently. Links are provided below: Dow could see 4,000 soon. Media market timing is great. Earnings are cyclical. Twenty five top financial blogs.

A Day on the Street

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SMB offers the very best intraday equities training program on the Street.  We meet hundreds of college students seeking an invitation from our desk.  And many ask what it is like to trade with us.  Before anyone is asked to accept an invitation we mandate that a candidate meet with traders on our desk.  A candidate may ask any question … Read More

Take Your Normalcy and Shove It

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Recently there’s been more talk and trading of certain ultrashort ETF’s on our trading desk. It seems as the downside move in SRS from over 270 was missed and it cracked 100 that the popularity rose as maybe a trade-worthy stock. So, though I am not certain of this, the stock seems to be more heavily traded at these prices, … Read More