If Trading Stresses You Out, Change Your Perception

I see it all the time, income traders battling a trade at any cost. Sitting there hour after hour, day after day completely stressed out; using too many resources and taking on way too much risk just so they can win. It’s as if their life depends on winning the trade. This usually happens because the trader is attaching some … Read More

Your Beliefs Are Your Reality, Choose Them Wisely

I was answering some questions at a trading seminar a while back and a trader stood up and said, “It’s impossible to average more than 12% per year on a portfolio”. I said “OK” and went on to the next person. After all it wasn’t a question so what else was I to say. Apparently, I missed something because he … Read More

What statement are you making with your trading?

I talk to traders all over the world and it surprises me how many “high probability” or “market neutral” traders don’t realize that they are making a statement with their position. By making a statement I mean whenever you enter a position, you are defining the conditions under which you will win and which you will lose. For example, when … Read More

Lessons from an Aspiring Moldova Trader

It is always so interesting and exciting to me to receive notes from aspiring traders all over the world. As much as we complain and carp about our markets, they are still the best in the world. Those worldwide want access to our trading opportunity. It reminds me of Churchill’s famous quote: “It has been said that democracy is the … Read More

Solving Your Top Five Trading Frustrations (Video Webinar)

SMBU offered solutions in this webinar below (video edition) for the Top Five Trading Frustrations of the SMBU Trading Community. The Top Five trading frustrations are: #5 Selling Too Early #4 Being Stopped Out and Then Being Right #3 Lack of Consistency #2 Lack of Confidence #1 How to Adapt to Changing Market Conditions   You can be better tomorrow … Read More

Should You Develop Process AND Performance Goals for 2014?

Hello Mike, I hope you have had a happy holiday and great end of the year since last time I saw you in Phoenix earlier this year. I have been working on creating 2014 goals for my portfolio but I ran into a problem that maybe you can advise on. The main goals consist of having certain % returns or … Read More

Breaking Through as a Trader

Hi Mike, Firstly, I just want to say thank you for your Webinar yesterday for the Big Mike Forum.   I’m sure you’re ridiculously busy, but if you have a moment to answer one question, I would greatly appreciate it. You mentioned an SMB trader that needed to take a break in the summer and was able to turn things … Read More