Lessons from an Aspiring Moldova Trader

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It is always so interesting and exciting to me to receive notes from aspiring traders all over the world. As much as we complain and carp about our markets, they are still the best in the world. Those worldwide want access to our trading opportunity. It reminds me of Churchill’s famous quote: “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” We might say, “Our markets are the worst, save for all the other markets.”

There is much to learn from this note below. I won’t discuss what that is and will instead let you enjoy the learning nuggets.

Dear Sir,

I have just finished reading your book, The PlayBook.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your time and effort in writing such a great book!

I have been trading for six years, mainly the FX market with ups and downs, as I had to help my family, complete my bachelor’s degree, and advance on my entrepreneurial projects. I come from a small country, Republic of Moldova, but I understood early on as a teenager that trading is my passion.

I have found the ideas, situations, stories and trading setups described in this book as a mirror of my advancing trading career. I have experienced all types of frustrations, and it’s funny how everything becomes clear for me and that the long way I’ve walked is actually the right path. I have tried to work and read everything I can on trading, starting from technicals to fundamentals, strategies and quant systems, but overall everything comes to the thing you pointed out in your book: have your playbook, have discipline, work hard.

Last summer I worked for a quant development company in Switzerland and was responsible for all trading operations (both discretionary and quant), and I came to the point where I had to structure and write a book of rules for all the trading divisions, including risk management, setups, instruments, strategies, and so on. I did it, and it helped the company from having losses. Unfortunately, they decided to go for algo only and so I left (p.s. they had a quant researcher from South Africa, related to your last chapter of the book). 🙂

After reading your book I understood that I really was on the right path and now I’m looking forward to improve my playbook and diversify into futures and stock trading. I am trading on my own now and working to get better every day, and not only in trading but in life in general. It’s a state of mind about improving myself and being better in everything I choose to do whether it’s sports, relationships, family, or work.

I started a Facebook group for traders a few months ago before reading your book. We grew relatively big quite fast considering there is a very small community of traders in my country, and most of them I know personally. It first started as a hobby, but now I understand the passion of your teaching: the more you give, the more you share, and the more you are open to the world and people, the more you are focused, happy, and committed to your life—and you enjoy every minute of it!

I am very thankful for your commitment in educating traders all over the world and I wish all the best to you and your family! I really hope we will have an opportunity to meet once for a lunch or a drink, so don’t hesitate to drop a tweet when you are in Europe—mainly Moscow/Bucharest—or London!

You can be better tomorrow than you are today!

Mike Bellafiore

One Good Trade
The PlayBook

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