Traders Ask: How Do I Stop Losing Money?

I get asked this question a lot.  Here are my thoughts. There is not one thing to say that would make the difference. There are not a few things I could write that would make the difference. This question ties nicely into a conversation I had just a few minutes ago in my office with a mentee, which I will … Read More

Traders Ask- the loss limit, resilience, and confusion

Hi Bella — I’ve been reading your book carefully and enjoying it very much.I live in Las Vegas; and would much rather trade stocks than play in the casinos. I’ve been an occasional end-of-day trader for over 10 years. Now, since last October, I’ve been endeavoring to teach myself how to day-trade. So far, I think your book is the … Read More

Traders Ask: Was this One Good Trade ($DV)?

Mike, I have a quick question today about a setup I was in… After a great run-up from this AM and yesterday the education stocks were starting to come back to life and making fresh intra-day lows (around 11AM)… I saw APOL, STRA and ESI making these intra-day lows (the spys were making lows as well)… while cycling through the … Read More

Traders Ask: Why Can’t I Trade the Open Better?

Hi Mike, I’m a developing trader with a full-time job. Fortunately, I live on the west coast which affords me the first two to three hours of the day and my entire evening(!) to devote to trading and studying, respectively. Unfortunately, the setups I have the most success with often develop too late in the morning for me to see them … Read More

Traders Ask: How do you play a breakout trade?

Hello Mike, An appreciative follower here. There’s this question that has been floating in my head. I’m reaching out to you for abetter answer. When do you pay for breakout plays out of a range or through a key resistance? Do you: 1.       get in earlier at a better price anticipating the breakout 2.       hit the offer as soon as the key … Read More

Traders Ask: How do you find levels “you love”?

Hi Mr. Bellafiore, I read your book and have been a daily reader of the blog ever since. I especially appreciate your and Adam Grimes’s posts. I trade the e-mini (ES) but would like to trade more stocks if I can figure it out. The recent post on execution was pointed. I suspect the difference in the trader who was shaken … Read More

Traders Ask: Any Advice on these Trades?

Mike, I’ve been lately having a hard time executing my trades properly. I find the setups, my analysis is correct, yet myfingers don’t follow up with my brain! I wrote a blog post about it, and reach out to you to tell me what you think could be done. Hopefully you’ll have time to look at it and perhaps … Read More