8 Keys to Profiting as a Trader During Volatile Market Conditions

There is soooo much opportunity during volatile market conditions and you are not capturing it.  You hear stories of how much money traders are making.  And you are not one of them. This can be *very* frustrating.  I hear this from traders of all levels when they are not cashing in when volatility jumps. Often the reason is their approach … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from SMB

We just finished one of our best months as a firm.  What can you learn from the success of our traders? Our traders gravitated to the stocks most In Play, the pot stocks. Our traders expressed their edges with more sophistication- options, hedges. The most successful traders were both aggressive when they saw their edge AND patient. Traders worked together, … Read More

First comes…..next comes…..then comes……for the developing trader

Getting your priorities correct really helps shape the trading day for optimal progress. One trader with, with whom we are working, is coming along nicely.  Firm is happy with his progress.  Our sense is he has a real chance to become good. Our job is to help him set priorities.  Is that to make money?  Or is that something else? … Read More

5 ways our top traders are working to improve

  I was on the West Coast last month to present to the Scottsdale (Phoenix) Traders and Investors Meetup Group.  After my presentation, an astute and succeeding retail trader approached and asked, “What do your top traders do to improve?” At SMB, our top traders have been homegrown.  We hired them.  Trained them from scratch.  Provided capital, technology, coaching and … Read More