Role models are essential

Over the break my family and a friend and his two daughters visited Princeton to catch a women’s basketball game…as a special gift to my daughter.  I had never been to the campus.  My wife hadn’t been in years since playing a college away game there.  The visit was a reward my daughter earned performing exceptionally well during her Christmas … Read More

The Optimal Mindset for Elite Trading (Trader Psychology)

A former SMB DNA student reached out to me for feedback on his trader psychology.  He posed an important question.  That question is: what is the optimal mindset for elite trading. This trader’s specific query was: Curious how my mindset during my best trading days compares to elite traders at your firm during their best trading days? My best trading … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

20 habits essential to become a highly profitable trader  Trader Psychology: Every Elite Trader Has These Six Qualities (with Dr. Brett Steenbarger) How To Short A Stock With Good News (Spencer) Swing Trading Strategies: You Can Boost Your Trading Returns With This Simple Options Technique What’s Holding You Back From Being A Consistently Profitable Traders? (We Answer Your Questions) *no … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

What no one tells you about how to become an elite trader (surprisingly) Weekly options strategies for $APPL around earnings (hint: solid returns) Traders need to understand risk management (timeless lesson) How to properly start trading a live trading account  One important difference between elite traders and underperforming traders  *no relevant positions