The Power of Trading Skillz (RIMM 72)

The modern science of elite performance has taught us that reading and watching videos is not going to make us a great trader. Anyone interested in the markets can read a chart in RIMM and recognize the 71.80 and 72 levels. I call this acquiring domain knowledge. And that is important. And certainly RIMM is a Trade2Hold above 72. Oh … Read More

Trade of the Day- RIMM

Bella discusses the trade in RIMM today when it cleared the key 71.80 and 72 Long-Term resistance levels

Trade2Hold BRK.B (End of Day)

We had been waiting for BRK.B to hold above 80 for a Trade2Hold to perhaps 82.  Friday we almost had the hold above 80 but ran out of time.  80.10 became the new hurdle to clear before BRK.B knocked on the door of 82. Today during one of those times Steve always warns that stocks can move, lunch time, BRK.B … Read More

Trade2Hold Exit- AMZN

Today during our AM meeting we highlighted AMZN and the 123 level as a shorting opportunity.  This turned out to be a wonderful intraday trading opportunity.   As intraday traders gravitate towards a longer holding period, for us Trades2Hold, set ups like AMZN must be mastered. AMZN had earnings Thursday night, gapped up on Friday, and then sold off for … Read More


As a trader our quest is to make trading opportunities our own.  We are all different.  We process information uniquely, have a different tolerance for pain, trade specific set ups better than others, etc.  As intraday traders we must have Trades2Hold, longer term intraday trades in our quiver.  But it is up to find these best ones for us.  Today … Read More

Getting Rewarded for Doing the Wrong Stuff

We teach our traders how to trade while taking little risk in the marketplace. We teach them the fundamentals and then allow each trader to develop a trading style that suits their personality. Further, we give each trader the freedom to trade whatever stock happens to be in play and in a fashion that suits their style. Unfortunately, this allows … Read More