Managing your swing positions/trades better

  Hi Mike, I met you last 2 weeks at Singapore Invest Fair.  I am deeply impressed with your presentation and your New York traders trading ways. Personally, I am a prop house day scalp traders for Malaysia stock market for 8 performance for the scalp trading is quite consistent and keep on growing. I have a matter need … Read More

SMB Seeking Senior Futures Traders

Are you a profitable futures trader? Looking for the next level in your career? Let’s talk! SMB Futures is currently looking for the following: Position: Senior Futures Trader Qualifications: Experienced traders with a proven track record of profitability of at least 2 years making $250k/year or more. We are looking for talented traders who are self-motivated and willing to adhere … Read More

SMB Options Trading Competition Starts April 1st.

Last year, SMB hosted a market neutral options trading competition. The competition was a great success. SMB had the original goal of hiring the winner of the competition. However, THREE traders from the competition were hired and funded to trade for SMB’s affiliate options desk. This year, SMB is offering a spot on the desk to the winner of the … Read More

Which Options Strategies Is SMB Invested Into?

A few years ago, we partnered with a hedge fund, The Kershner Trading Group, to expand our resources and capital for trading. At about the same time, the partners were noticing that John Locke’s options strategies had been showing great results for several years. The natural next step for SMB was to connect these great strategies (and great traders) with the capital … Read More

What I learned from visiting SMB Capital

Here’s a guest blog post from Austin Mitchum, an active writer on his blog A Technician Plays that Market………. I have just returned from a very special holiday in New York. Whilst there, I was fortunate to meet with Mike Bellafiore (Bella), co-founder of SMB Capital and author of “One Good Trade” and “The Playbook”. SMB is a proprietary trading firm … Read More

SMBU’s Top Options Trader Teaches His Top Options Strategy

We just pulled up a second Rock Options Strategy recording from our archive and posted for you to watch. We’re taking these two videos down soon. So watch them now. The first video we posted is a recording from back in May 2013. It looked good then, and the same options trading strategy (with the same rules) is still working … Read More

How are you planning to improve your trading in 2016?

Wait a minute… we’ve still got another two and a half months until the end of the year, why are we talking about getting ready for next year? That’s because we believe in goal setting and proper preparation. And proper preparation is a never ending process. Top traders know how they can improve and they are thinking ahead 1 month, … Read More

6 Facts about the Yahoo Spin-off

In our SMBU Daily Video, Mike Bellafiore, shares 6 facts about the Yahoo spin-off. Mike answers a question from a reader at his The Trading Coach Blog. There is an Ask Anything section you can visit to submit a trading question to Mike. In this video learn: 6 facts about the Yahoo spin off the tax consequences for this spin-off what … Read More