Trading a Special Dividend

A special dividend can be a high probability trading setup. $COST paid out a one time dividend of $5.00. The stock was bid up ahead of the record date and sold off the day after. In this video, Steve discusses how you can capture this trade. *no relevant positions

Creating a Trading Network (video)

This is a funny anecdote from a meeting between two traders who I respect. One is a bull, while the other is a bear. Both have a long track record of profitable trading. They met recently to talk trading and the interchange started politely and then…… This trading video highlights the importance of creating a trading network so you make … Read More

5 Factors For Your Trading Decisions

As short term traders we are not fundamental analysts. Some might say next, “Thank God.” Some not necessarily me. I actually kind of like reviewing how strong or weak the fundamentals of a company are. But as short term traders we must learn how to use news about a stock’s fundamentals the right way. In this video, we use a … Read More

A Tip to Help You Deal with the Frustration of Trading Losses (SMB Daily Video)

Ever get stopped out and find yourself extremely frustrated? Does that frustration then cause you to spiral out of control with your trading? Argghhh……. Trading is not easy and we must find ways to manage ourselves. In this video, I offer a tip to help you better control your emotions while trading. Sometimes I visualize myself taking a loss before … Read More