5 Factors For Your Trading Decisions

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As short term traders we are not fundamental analysts. Some might say next, “Thank God.” Some not necessarily me. I actually kind of like reviewing how strong or weak the fundamentals of a company are. But as short term traders we must learn how to use news about a stock’s fundamentals the right way.

In this video, we use a specific trade example in Facebook to help you use fundamentals in that right way. Well in a way that is in your best interests as a short term trader that the market has taught us.

In The PlayBook I wrote about using 5 factors to make a trade decision:

  1.  The Big Picture
  2.  Intraday Fundamentals
  3.  Technicals
  4.  The Tape
  5.  Intuition

In this trade example we will explore how to use fundamentals in your decision-making process to make better trade decisions.

I hope it helps your trading! Bella


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