Meeting traders in Chicago next week because you ALWAYS trade with stops

This was a bittersweet week for traders on the Street. The sweet? We saw one of our top traders post three 200k days.  In one week, he made nearly as much as his best month ever.  His goal of making 8-figures in a year became more of a reality. Our options desk struggled.  They shorted volatility and got stopped out.  … Read More

Taking that next step forward in your trading with sizing

I sit in a unique seat in the trading community.  For the past decade, I have trained traders from new to consistently profitable or failed trader.  As the author of two trading books, gratefully many reach out to me sharing their trading challenges and triumphs with the why and how.  What I do in my writing is share my observations … Read More

Use the GPS

When I trade a stock “off the beaten path” (see my previous blog post), I always have an understanding of where the stock is in its trade along with the broad market. I’m always watching SPY levels and how the SPY trades. This allows me to make a better assessment of the relative strength or lack of in my stock. I … Read More