Consistency Is Not A Game of Perfect

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By Bruce Bower We asked and you chose. The people have spoken. We asked the SMB community which topics they wanted to learn more about it in the upcoming “Peak Performance Trading and Investing” video course.  Out of a list of ten topics, by far the most popular was “How to Be More Consistent”. This is one of the most … Read More

The Perfect 10 Technical Trade

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I ask our traders to only make the *very* best technical trades.  Judge each technical trade on a scale of 1-10 and take only those 8/10 or above.  What is a Perfect 10 Technical Trade?  It’s GENE (Genetic Technologies Limited) from the other day when it traded below a huge technical support level and then dropped 30 percent…in one day….while … Read More

Four Traits of the Perfect Trader

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Maybe “perfect” isn’t the right word. We can strive for it, but we’ll all fall short of it given enough time. Greatness? That’s attainable. But what does it take to become a great trader? Well, I’m still working toward it myself, and maybe you are too, but we can agree it’s a combination of things. It’s having the ability to … Read More