Unleashing Trading Potential: Leveraging Market Profile Strategies

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The new trader is usually in a rush. They want to be handed a system that will make them profitable practically overnight. A professional and consistent trader is one who is usually informed in a way that goes against the conventional. Getting to that level of knowledge requires building enough experience with conventional information so that you can make it … Read More

Knight Falls

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When US equities markets opened yesterday a 9:30AM EDT many stocks were more illiquid than usual (the norm for our markets is very little liquidity during the first 30 minutes of trading). On our desk you could hear Bella barking about erratic price behavior and lack of liquidity. We fired off emails to our broker dealer and technology providers trying … Read More

The SMB Foundation: Proof that Prop Trading is Not Dead

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I’m glad I decided to write this now and not when I intended to a few weeks ago, as this particular post addresses Mr. Josh Brown’s debate of whether or not Prop Trading is officially dead – it turns out that, on occasion, procrastination and an overall busy schedule is helpful. I remember speaking with @dynamichedge regarding this particular topic … Read More

New AAPL weekly ‘fly and SPXPM update

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This post is another in a series tracking the hypothetical performance of broken wing butterfly trades selected by Greg Loehr of Optionsbuzz.com. The hypothetical butterfly on the SPXPM is progressing nicely. You’ll recall that this was instituted as a “longer-term” trade compared to the weekly broken wing butterflies that I had been tracking on AAPL and SPX. So for now … Read More

SMB Radar Play of the Day – $GPN

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This is another play I want to remember. It’s basically a more advanced view of the Spencer Special. In this case it was selling short GPN after a big gap up. We do not simply fade stocks because they are “over bought”. There were a lot of checks in favor of the short (and not at the top by any … Read More