One Good Losing Trade $BABA

In this video Mike Bellafiore discusses a recent trade in $BABA that turned out to be a losing trade but there were many lessons learned from the trade. Enjoy the Video!   “You can be better tomorrow than you are today!” Mike Bellafiore is the Co-Founder of SMB Capital and SMBU, which provides trading education in stocks, options, forex and futures. … Read More

Two Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Hello Mike – I completed reading your book last week and have to say the lessons I’ve learned from it are extremely invaluable to me in my quest to develop into a consistently profitable trader. I have typed up (18) pages of notes from your book that I have been reviewing them regularly in order to pound these concepts into … Read More

How I would have started my prop firm differently

Mike, Firstly, I just wanted to thank you from the outset for your ongoing work and contribution to the trading community. I have read your book, I read your posts daily and I admire greatly the philosophy of your firm SMB Capital. Your firm really is the pioneer of trading education and skill development for prop traders.  I hope you realize … Read More

Ten Mistakes by BP a Trader Should Never Make

1. No Exit Plan.  There was no exit plan for if the rig (RIG?) exploded.  Before every trade we must decide where and how we will exit BEFORE entering the trade. 2. Live to Play Another Day.  It is not definitive that BP is a viable company going forward even with 6.08 Billion in quarterly profits.  1) When will the … Read More