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I received this email from Reader David: Good call Bella! Things are really starting to click for me, letting some plays work over the course of 1-3 days has been where I have been making most of my $.  IMAX was a good example last week, i caught 4 points over the course of a week.And this MGM I got … Read More


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Well yesterday was a bit slow.  We trended up and then trended down towards the Close.  On the Open I traded FCX and HK and recognized light order flow.  I was aware not to get caught in the Low Volume P.  For SMB that means the low volume programs where the short term longs lose as the stock is dropped … Read More

Getting Flustered

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We had a film review yesterday with one of our better young traders. The young man can trade. But he under-performed on the Open. So we watched the video of his Open. It was like someone else was inhabiting his body. I did not recognize this type of trading from him. In fact I am not sure you can really … Read More