A lesson on trading bigger

Our firm made a large trade this month in a stock overbought.  I was waiting and waiting and waiting for one of our senior traders to close his trade and offer congratulations.  The trade kept working and working and working so it took him days to finally close out. The discussion afterwards proves constructive to those seeking to trade bigger. … Read More

An Automated Trading Lesson

In our SMBU Daily Video, learn more about automated trading. In this video from Andrew Falde, you will learn: Learn to use relative strength to have positions that are ready for changes in the market. How to use options to take advantage of different market conditions and limit risk. See how sector analysis can help you find long, short, and … Read More

Lesson 7: The Mental Game

Lesson 7: The Mental Game Is Key In the last installment of my series, Seven Lessons I’ve Learned, we will cover a part of investing and trading that can change how everything else works: the mental game. Like with any peak performance activity, the absolute top performers have gotten there through developing both their skills and also their psychology and … Read More

Lesson 6: Luck versus Skill

Lesson 6:  You Need To Understand The Role of Luck and Skill In part 6 of my 7-part series on Lessons I’ve Learned, we will look at luck and skill. In order to be successful taking risk in the markets, you must understand the role of luck and skill. From that understanding, there will be several implications for your actions … Read More

Lesson 5: Review and Tweak

Lesson 5: Review and Tweak Continuing the series “7 Lessons I’ve Learned”, we come to Lesson 5: Your Path To True Mastery Will Require Extensive Reviewing and Tweaking.  In order to be the best, you need to constantly review your performance and look for improvements that you can make. Typically, these will be a series of small, incremental steps and … Read More

Lesson 4: The Interaction Between Process and Psychology

Lesson 4: Process and Psychology interact In the ongoing series “Seven Lessons I’ve Learned”, we come to Lesson 4. We recognize that we are trying to make the best decisions possible and that we some kind of process and discipline to guide our efforts. On the other hand, we need to get the mental game right to achieve true peak … Read More

Lesson 3: You Need A Process of Your Own

Continuing the series on Seven Lessons I’ve Learned, we will explore Lesson 3: A process and methodology of your own are what make you a long-term winner. As we have seen in the past two lessons, trading well is mostly a product of making good risk/reward decisions in the face of stress. The markets can do what they’re going to do … Read More

Lesson 2: Trading Is Peak Performance

Lesson 2: Trading Is A Peak Performance Activity Continuing the series Seven Lessons I’ve Learned, I wanted to talk about the right lens or framework for understanding trading. Is it “combat”, is it a “sport”, or is it “a treasure hunt”? All of these are valid metaphors for describing some aspect, but I don’t feel that it captures the essence … Read More