What is Your Big Picture?

Every trader must see their big picture. At SMB we make trading decisions based upon three factors: Reading the Tape, Technical Analysis, and Intraday Fundamentals. We teach our traders to think of a big circle with each of these factors inside. How do you determine your big picture?   Today during an informal discussion one of our new SMB Training … Read More

My Book is Sold Out: A Social Media Tale

My book One Good Trade is sold out. This took three weeks. A rush reprint will be underway soon. Save a few exceptions, it is now only available on the Kindle. I was told, “This has never happened before with a trading book.” This is a social media tale. I considered hiring a PR firm to rep my book before … Read More

Mental Flexibility Is A Prerequisite…

Yesterday our Best AM Idea was to short AMZN for a potential 4-6 point downside move. AMZN had failed to participate in the tech rally during the last week and seemed to be setting up for some serious downside. I got short at 117 and caught about 1.5 points of downside. The volume wasn’t great so I was somewhat suspicious … Read More

Is the NYSE Manipulating Trades?

Gman, head trader at SMB Capital, wrote an excellent article for Wall Street Cheat Sheet about  the way his orders are treated by the specialists at the NYSE. Gman shows how his orders may be front-run by the specialist forcing him to sell lower or buy higher. You can read the full article here.