Great Options Traders Learn From Each Other

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In this video, Seth Freudberg talks about how options traders learn from each other. Communication is one of SMB’s Fundamental Principles–the critical nature of traders sharing information with each other for mutual growth. One of our traders came up with a unique concept to salvage a trade this week and shared that. Another trader on our desk adopted that concept … Read More

Webinar Recording–“Trading Fundamentals: Things Great Traders Do and Never Do” with Mike Bellafiore and John Hoagland

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If you missed this special presentation on “Trading Fundamentals: Things Great Traders Do and Never Do” with Mike Bellafiore and John Hoagland from, this is your opportunity to watch it. They discussed what separates great traders from the rest of the pack. Please sign up below to watch the recording:   no relevant positions

A Great Note I Received From One of My Mentoring Students

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Seth – When I was in the military, I was assigned as the unit trainer (started with 70 soldiers).  To give a little more detail, I was a lieutenant in a patriot missile battery.  When we would train, it would be three different platoons in one confined area, all training toward one objective (getting our site, missile launchers, and engagement control … Read More

Be Like Travis

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I talked with a recent college graduate the other day. Nice kid. Well dressed. Polite. From one of those upper middle class lacrosse playing Long Island towns. On paper an excellent fit for most trading desks. This young man has no business being on a trading floor, considering being on a trading floor, or hoping to be on a trading … Read More