#1 Thing Critical to a Trader ‘s Success

Trading is tough. But what if you could skip the fluff and focus on what really matters? Through the power of internet, I’ve asked 6 successful traders What is the #1 thing that is absolutely critical to a trader ‘s success? Here’s what they said.. (with zero mention of technical indicators or fundamental analysis) Jon Boorman Jonboorman.com – @JBoorman I … Read More

An Exercise 2 Help U Improve as a Trader (RIG)

Today RIG was the easiest of stocks to trade. 55 was the level. RIG dipped below there. And it trended in the most beautiful downtrend. Were you in this trade? I wasn’t. This level was discussed during our AM meeting. Again I wasn’t in this trade. We have discussed this RIG level on our desk for days. Oil was weak. … Read More