Are You Too Smart For the Forex Market?

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Throughout our entire upbringing we are conditioned to believe things like getting good grades leads to great rewards. This concept plays out well in the medical and law professions for the most part. These people get paid for being smart. Now when it comes to trading the financial markets as a profession, being too smart can often hurt you despite … Read More

Forex Trading Room Recap 10/10/12

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In this segment Marc Principato, CMT analyzes the 1 minute EUR/USD chart. He points out why it is so important to have the patience to wait for the 3 elements of a setup: Level, Pattern and Confirmation. — Marc Principato, CMT Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions

What Does “Results Oriented” Mean To You?

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In the forex world, there are many educators. Some are very well known, well funded, offer nice presentations and charge a lot of money for training. Then there are the lesser known, maybe less produced traders who offer their wisdom, tools and techniques for much lower prices. Then of course like in any other business you have outright marketers who … Read More

Three Ways to Identify a Choppy Market

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Not all trading days are created equal. As much as we would like to walk into an exciting market each day, we need to look beyond our impulses and really pay attention to the subtle hints that the market offers each day in terms of what kind of day it can turn out to be. It’s important to have an … Read More


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I get this question all the time: What is the difference between straight through processing (STP) and an ECN broker? Big difference. Straight Through Processing from what I understand is just a name given to dealing desk brokers that have automated the dealing process. Traditionally in the spot forex market, when you place a trade, you are being filled by … Read More

Are You A Conventional Trader?

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As a trading mentor, I speak to many up and coming traders who are looking for guidance. There are a number of things that I ask to gauge where the trader is in their learning curve. One of the main pieces of information that I like to learn about a trader is what strategy or strategies are they executing within … Read More

Our Forex Trades

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Look over the shoulder of trader Andres Salazar, as he walks us through trades taken live on SMB’s Forex desk. In this new video, Andres displays his charts and thoughts behind these trades, which all come back to the basics that SMB teaches. Waiting for the pattern, looking at correlations, then watching the volume to finally justify our entry. Andres … Read More