Forex Road Map

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Marc Principato, CMT records a trade setup as it happens on the S&P 500 CFD instrument. This is an example of how the traders in the SMB Forex and Futures program manage emerging opportunities. It’s like having a road map. Can you see the value? — Marc Principato, CMT Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions

The Forex Road Map

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When new traders enter the forex market, they install their platform of choice and then ask the following question, “How do I know which way my forex pair is going?”. They usually seek the answer by immersing themselves into the world of confusion. Amazingly enough, newer traders already come to the game with the preconceived notions that their brokers love. … Read More

Forex Trading Realities: The Ebook

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I wrote a 38 page ebook titled, “Forex Trading Realities” and wanted to take a moment to let you know what it is about and why I wrote it. The retail forex business in which we are a part of is infamous for misleading information, misguided analysis and trade stimulating ideas offered by brokers, marketers and others trying to profit … Read More

Forex: Tough Markets Don’t Stop Good Traders

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The recent market environment in the forex world has been challenging to say the least. Many inexperienced traders who refuse to recognize these conditions continue to employ strategies that do not perform as well as they did previously. Many more get discouraged and quit trading altogether. The key to getting through tough conditions is to first acknowledge the particular conditions … Read More

Factoring News Into Your Forex Strategy

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News can cause major movements in the currency markets. Many newer traders like to believe that it is possible to trade news events profitably. That idea gets really old fast and/or your account goes to zero faster. Either way as the newer trader gains experience they realize news trading isn’t the most productive strategy. The question is how can we … Read More

S&P/FX Trade Example

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I talk a lot about the intermarket relationship between the S&P 500 Index futures, and the EUR/USD forex pair. The relationship is typically, S&P goes higher, EUR goes higher. There are fundamental reasons for this that I am not going to go into here. What I want to do here is highlight a particular condition that appeared in the S&P … Read More