Competition at a prop firm fuels increased PnL

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People often ask ne the value of trading at a prop firm.  And there are many value adds that a prop firm brings to a trader, but I want to focus on one powerful performance driver. Competition! When SMB first formed a JV with the Kershner Trading Group our younger traders were in awe at the PnL numbers of the … Read More

Win the Trading Day!

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This is part 3 of our trader survey that breaks down the results from our trading community. You will be amazed at what you learn about the challenges and successes that traders in our community are having.

40 trading lessons from The PlayBook

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An experienced and successful trader is starting with our desk, powered by Kershner Trading Group, next month. He is one of the more diligent traders you could meet. I have compared him to Tim Tebow in One Good Trade for work ethic. He just powered through One Good Trade and The PlayBook to improve his trading game and better prepare … Read More

Free Webinar Recording – Trading Follow Through Trades with Steve Spencer

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The theme for Steve Spencer’s 2012 Webinar Series will be “Do the Right Thing”. On the third webinar of the year, Steve discussed how to enter follow through trades in the days following a powerful earnings move. He discussed GMCR, FSLR, FOSL, KORS and LNKD.   Trading Follow Through Trades with Steve Spencer from smbcapital