Traders call this a “frustrating” trading month

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If you asked me to search my e-mails and chats for the word most used to describe trading this month it would be: “frustrating”. One trader wrote in an end-of-day review, “Very frustrating day for me due to finishing this red after most of the ideas were working in the AM.” Another trader wrote in his Daily Report Card, “definitely feeling a … Read More

Why do you guys run an education company?

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At SMB, our primary business is our proprietary trading desk.  85 percent of my energy and attention goes into the trading desk, our traders, and growing that business.  But everyday, I do spend time on our education arm- SMBU. Recently, I had drinks with two partners of a proprietary trading desk in NYC and one asked, “Why do you guys … Read More

The education of a trader: The PlayBook

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  mikebellafiore In my second book, The PlayBook, I advocate archiving a favorite setup from each trading session. After each close, choose a best setup from the session that fits your trading style.  Reverse engineer the variables of that trade.  Archive this trade in a comprehensive format, perhaps like the SMB PlayBook.  As traders we should build from our strengths, … Read More

An Intraday Educational Foundation

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At SMB we think carefully and obsessively about our core competencies. It all starts with providing an excellent trading education, an educational foundation for our intraday traders. Steve and I can really get into it about what is most important to be taught to our desk. Hey we have been friends since we were six. An outsider might find some … Read More

Yes, You Can

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Last night’s speech by Sen. Obama inspired me as a trader. Now, this blog post isn’t meant to be a political statement, but as traders we are perpetual learners. We are individuals with a thirst for knowledge, which means we are able to learn from so many non-traders that we observe. So let’s talk about what we can learn from … Read More