Mastering Trading Techniques for Top Day Traders

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In this post, I will teach a trading technique to help you make more, increase your enjoyment and lower stress during each trading session. Have you ever sat there as a trader working longer, fighting harder and with worsening results?  Would you like to learn a trading technique employed by our firm to solve this problem? An experienced 7-figure trader, … Read More


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Today is a good day to sit around and think about how we will improve as traders. Between the barbequed chicken, Cavs/Magic game, summer beers, and crazy relatives there is some time to reflect. Back in the day I would be someplace like Hilton Head, with a rental on the ocean, on an immaculate course, thinking about a new club … Read More

Weekend Warrior

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Your results on Monday will be influenced by the work that you do this weekend. Before we broke for the weekend we met with our desk. And we offered some constructive exercises for their weekend. Be a weekend warrior. Let’s discuss. During the holiday weekend you should perform visualization exercises. What are your mental weaknesses as a trader? Work on … Read More

Learn How to Score

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I shorted ROH in the Premarket.  Chop!  I shorted CAT on the Open.  Chop!  And then CAT got hard.  I made some and I lost some.  And as I like to kid our desk, then people started bothering me. Roy generally bothers me first about something I need to do for him.  Roy runs SMB Training.  So if you are interested in … Read More

A Core

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Most of the trades that intraday traders make are from move to move.  We short a stock when it shows some temporary weakness and then cover when it slows into its downmove.  These trades can be held for less than a second at times.  But most good intraday traders also hold longer intraday positions.  We hold a core position.  Basically … Read More