Price Matters

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During two video review sessions today price was undervalued by our traders.  For active day traders price matters.  One of our talented new traders bought consistently at poor prices and was negative trading RIMM, while almost everyone else on our desk was in the green.  Let’s talk about price some more.  Wharton Junior was trading GS and added to his … Read More

Flat Before the Number?

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After the Close our desk had a spirited debate about whether a trader should have a position before an announcement (in this case the oil and gas number). On Tuesdays we meet after the Close to watch video of One Good Trade produced by a few of our experienced traders. One of our most improved traders, let’s call him MIT, … Read More

Getting Caught

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Yesterday after the Close SMB celebrated our outstanding month of September with some drinks, cigars and food (lots and lots of food).  Nothing against Queens but I am going to have to talk to CBA about choosing that locale.  It was a little far from Manhattan.  During our celebration I had an interesting discussion with a new trader (“Triple Threat”) who got caught in GS yesterday … Read More