7 ideas for improving your trading consistency

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I was recently a guest lecturer at Stony Brook University sharing my knowledge of trading and trader development with interested students.  At the end of my lecture, a student approached and asked, “How can I improve my trading consistency?” We have polled our trading community for the top trading issues they would like to solve, and trading consistency consistently makes … Read More

Context for Consistency

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In this video, Andrew Falde shows you a simple way that professional traders adapt to changing market conditions. The tools that Andrew discusses can help you become a more consistent trader.

Consistency Is Not A Game of Perfect

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By Bruce Bower We asked and you chose. The people have spoken. We asked the SMB community which topics they wanted to learn more about it in the upcoming “Peak Performance Trading and Investing” video course.  Out of a list of ten topics, by far the most popular was “How to Be More Consistent”. This is one of the most … Read More

Traders Ask: Consistency

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“If I hadn’t made money some of the time I might have acquired market wisdom quicker.” —  Jesse Livermore I received the following question from reader Angel: Hi Mike, I hope that my email finds you well. Trading has been going very well, and I’m very happy with my results. I love this business! Mike, I would like to suggest … Read More

In Search of Consistency

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One of the greatest hurdles a new trader faces is that of consistency. Consistency on SMB’s desk is defined as being profitable a minimum of 80 percent of the trading days each month. The majority of our desk achieved this level of consistency in the month of August. This was mainly a result of the opportunities in the leveraged financial … Read More

Risk: SO Not Just A Game

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During a good film session today with a senior trader I got to get a clear look at how quickly I lose control of my risk and put my trading day in complete jeopardy. The film was from Thursday of last week when I was daytrading SRS (the real-estate ultrashort ETF) actively. To give you an idea of how the … Read More