Building your trading team

Performance isn’t exclusively about skill and strategy.  In fact, one top coach leaves all of this out of his top three keys to building a team. This is interesting to us as traders, as some of us trade in teams or something like teams, for improved performance. Team Trading is part III of our training for new traders on our … Read More

Building a Once Per Month Trade Plan

In our SMBU Daily Video, Andrew shows you how a simple, once per month, trade plan on the SPX could have generated a 43% annual return over the past 8 years (when the market averaged less than 5%) Andrew discusses the importance of finding the key (and simple) elements that provide edge. He shows you how to systematically eliminate the complexity that may … Read More

The Value of Building a Trading/Investing Network

On the top left hand corner of one of my 6 trading screens (and above the ice tea with lemon) stands a list of professional traders that I follow on StockTwits and Twitter. This is my intraday trading social media trading network.  I need it to make better trade decisions- as much as my ice tea or perhaps your ice … Read More

The PlayBook Released in China (and a lesson for traders)

The PlayBook was just released in China! I want to thank my good friend Naida Liu for the translation and finding a Chinese publisher.   Naida also translated One Good Trade into Mandarin and hopefully it will be released as well. For those who do not know, the Chinese markets are considering new trading rules to allow for short-term trading.  They … Read More

7 Steps to Building Trading Edge

Hey Mike Bellafiore, I’ve been following you for over a year now and have both your books. You post great threads too. I believe the greatest challenge is creating that edge. Its rare to come across a mentor in this industry, especially if you don’t have your foot in a prop firm. Do you have any recommendations about the best … Read More

From The PlayBook: Building Intuition

Learning how to build your intuition is a key element of successful trading. Here’s a discussion on this from Chapter 4 (“How Good Can You Be?”): Arggh is the topic of trading intuition misunderstood. Newbs think they are born with a “feel” for the markets and trade accordingly. Yeah, so it doesn’t work like that. Intuition is your trading brain telling you … Read More