Making One Good Trade Decision

I’m a newbie, trading for my second month live at a young prop office in Moldova, been trading my account unsuccessfully for almost 2 years before this. I wanted to share a short story of Thursday’s trading. In the morning I couldn’t find any good opportunities for my approach to the Market, but then came the news in BP and … Read More

A ?4 the Trading Community- How Do I Trade BP Now?

Dr. Steenbarger helped me recognize one of the improvements we could make at SMB awhile ago. The partners and Senior Traders must be responsible for a great deal of teaching and mentoring. But if traders are not leveraging the talent of all firm members then that firm is not offering the best learning environment. Traders learn from other traders and … Read More

An Intraday Reversal (BP)

Tuesday night news hit that a government investigation determined that BP had been spilling closer to 60,000 barrels a day in the Gulf instead of the 35,000 previously thought. This same night President Obama delivered harsh words for BP during his presidential address. The news was very negative for BP heading into today’s session. I started a short position after … Read More

Ten Mistakes by BP a Trader Should Never Make

1. No Exit Plan.  There was no exit plan for if the rig (RIG?) exploded.  Before every trade we must decide where and how we will exit BEFORE entering the trade. 2. Live to Play Another Day.  It is not definitive that BP is a viable company going forward even with 6.08 Billion in quarterly profits.  1) When will the … Read More

Maximizing My Weaknesses

Today I maximized my weaknesses.  I found the set up that is a trading weakness for my system, traded it with size, and now sit with a P&L that represents the worst of my trading.  In one sense this is quite impressive.  I did not just underperform this open.  I did as poorly as I possible could.   Fresh news … Read More