How Big Dog sized down to progress

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 Big Dog started to learn Futures to capitalize on this market with elevated volatility.  He is a fast study.  Big Dog is also an accomplished trader, in the 500k-1m a-year range.  Let me share an anecdote working with him on our desk to improve his sizing. Big Dog noticed something about his stops when he started to size up … Read More

Big Swings Aren’t Over Yet… “Keep Trading!”

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Several of the traders on our desk had their best day ever yesterday. If you were in the Trader90 Real Time Audio during the opening drive, then you heard some of the most exciting 30-45 minutes of the year. The mantra throughout the excitement was… “it’s not over… KEEP TRADING!”    Isn’t this why you trade? To not be dependent on … Read More

Today I Will Trade Big!

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An experienced trader stepped into my office frustrated with me.  He wanted to know why I questioned his position size in  a $TWTR breakout trade.  The exchange we had offers a lesson on getting bigger as a trader for the trading community. First, let me say that I loved this trade position in $TWTR.  And I loved that he was … Read More

How Do I Stay Big for the Real Move?

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Dear Bella, I can not wait for The Playbook! I started “eating” everything on the SMB Blog six months ago and went though key haha moments thanks to what I learnt, which suddenly made me a lot more profitable (kind of wasted 2 years with useless teachers). So I started to build a playbook ( my Iphoto app became full … Read More