Be Careful When Your Routine Changes

I have a fairly set schedule each trading day.  But on Thursday morning  my routine changes as I have a pre-work obligation that changes my schedule.  I generally arrive at the office one hour later than usual and do not run the AM Meeting.  This change in routine has had some fairly negative consequences on my trading PnL.  90% of … Read More

Be Like Mike !

For those of you who are avid fans of the NBA you have probably heard the stories of how Michael Jordan use to practice as a member of the Bulls.  He was totally cutthroat.  It was not uncommon for fisticuffs to breakout between him and some of the bigger players on the second unit during scrimmages.  He hated to lose … Read More

Skills Overpowering Knowledge: Learn to Be Patient

Gman, head trader at SMB Capital, wrote an excellent article for Wall Street Cheat Sheet about why, because of the increased volatility in the Market recently, it is critical to have developed trading skills