Using the Opening Swing to Improve Your Trading

Last Friday, during our weekly Trading Conversations webinar, we had a lot of great questions from our community – like we do most weeks! One question was about analyzing stocks right around the open, from the first minute to the first hour or so of trade. Keeping with the live and interactive spirit of Trading Conversations, I asked users to … Read More

What is going on with BABA? We explain

In this video, Mike Bellafiore, walks you through the last three days of trading in BABA. He shares anecdotes of trades and chats with his traders about this name.

Today’s Trading Highlights

Here are some quick highlights from today’s trading. In the AM meeting, Steve talked about the 208 resistance level that $SPY had failed to hold above numerous times. This was a level to be short from. With the overnight session looking calm and almost strong, this flew in the face of price action at the moment. The level held once again … Read More

How I Traded Alibaba ($BABA)

Before the Open our newest traders met at my desk to discuss the stocks to watch, including $BABA.  When trading IPOs there are two important considerations: 1) momentum 2) technical levels Below yesterday low of 89.50 tipped the momentum down.  Below 89.50 and BABA was at all-time lows, if you can say such a thing about an IPO trading 30 … Read More