Try automated stops

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Dear Mike, Thank you for your insights in your 2 books.  Given me great insight into the mentalities of the top traders and that too, of the failing trader.  I’ve started learning to trade in the last year and admit that I am failing.  Had gone through my journal, done backtesting on “my edge” and meditating and deep breathing during … Read More

An Automated Trading Lesson

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In our SMBU Daily Video, learn more about automated trading. In this video from Andrew Falde, you will learn: Learn to use relative strength to have positions that are ready for changes in the market. How to use options to take advantage of different market conditions and limit risk. See how sector analysis can help you find long, short, and … Read More

What is Your Idea of Back Testing? Part II

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Yesterday we looked at some examples of how a trader could use a handful of recent examples to make trading decisions. The hypothetical scenario played out quite terribly. Although fictional, it’s a thought process that I see happen each day by traders around the world. Here is an alternative way to consider strategy and statistical trading when trading something like … Read More