A Must Read: The Daily Trading Coach

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The first time I met Dr. Steenbarger was in the smaller conference room of our proprietary trading firm in NYC. We were finalizing our training program and we wanted the best teacher that we knew to review our work. He wasn’t being paid, he was just a trading coach offering a helping hand. As Dr. Steenbarger offered his critique I was … Read More

Making Adjustments as the Market Changes

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As traders we are constantly asked to make adjustments as the market changes. One of the questions I am asked most frequently by potential recruits for our desk is “how has the market affected the trading system that we teach?” My  response is that we teach the same system we have been using for more than a decade. Our system … Read More

Making Money IN AMZN

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So I ran out of the office after the Close to grab a couple of slices of pizza.  By the time I got back AMZN was trading up 5 points.  About six traders on the desk were actively trading it in the after hours.  I quickly gathered some information from those who had been watching it.  There was selling at … Read More