2nd Day Trade: One of the easiest trades to learn

A 2nd Day Trade, is a trade we developed that not only has edge, but is easy to learn and trade. We train traders from beginner to consistently profitable and then high performing trader. As a firm we cannot just teach trades with edge to our new and developing traders. Some trades with edge are too hard from them to … Read More

Trading Lesson: 2nd Day Trade—$ADBE

Adobe (ADBE) announced their earnings recently and the stock had a big change in price the following day. The stock had heavy volume, which is something I look for to setup a trade for the next trading session. This is one of the easier trades we teach in our training program and it’s called “2nd Day Plays”. After a stock has some type … Read More

A Fireman’s 2nd Day Trend Trend Trade (FSLR)

We received this e-mail from an SMBU Blog reader.  We hope you enjoy. So I had my first PlayBook trade today (that is, an A+ setup that I had previously seen and  wrote a detailed Playbook entry for and now I actually traded it …) The trade was a Second Day Play with Trend Trend characteristics that breaks out over pre-market … Read More