Succeeding with your trading resolutions

It’s New Years Trading Resolution time. And many of you will outline grand plans. And that is excellent.

Here is a suggestion to help you SUCCEED with your trading resolutions.

You will find some of our well-intentioned resolutions difficult for you to make into habit. The three goals most will struggle with (me too) will be:

1) Journaling
2) Breathing (hardest for me)
3) Exercise

When I struggle with some of the above my health coach challenges me to schedule them on calendar. So breathing is now right after our firm’s Trader Development Mentoring at 11:30AM. It is not just a goal, it now holds a special and specific spot in my day. I am challenged to input exactly when I will workout on my calendar. I prefer to journal actively thought the day so this does not require scheduling (and my health coach doesn’t coach trading). But for many of you, consider not just setting a goal to journal, but adding it to you calendar.

Here’s to you succeeding with your trading resolutions.

*no relevant positions

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