SMB Trading Lessons of the Week of November 23, 2014

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Bella discusses an anecdote about a great automated trader who was formerly a failed discretionary trader.


In this video Bruce Bower discusses decision making from his visualization series.

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There are times when I am required to give a mentoring student some tough love, because it’s important for me to convey, immediately, to a trainee when I spot a trading quality that is so destructive that he has virtually no chance of surviving as a trader unless he rids himself of that trait…Read More

Avoiding Losers (And Winners)

We have all heard it said … let your winners run and cut your losers short… but understanding and then accepting it is quite another matter. We may hear it and we may read it and we may nod our heads in agreement but do we really know how to let our winners run and cut our losers short? It is easy to understand but very difficult to apply. Rest assured there is a really good reason why it is so difficult and why most of us fail at it. The thought is…Read More

Lesson 1: Trading is Decision Making

Last week, I wrote up seven lessons that I’ve learned about investing and trading over the past few years. That was an overview of some of the more interesting and surprising things that I’d come across in my journey in the markets. As a continuation of this series, I’m going to do a deeper dive on each of the seven lessons, giving a sneak preview of the content in my upcoming book…Read More

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