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It’s Saturday and I just arrived at SMB headquarters in downtown Manhattan.  Before we get to our topic I should share that its 75 degrees, cloudless, and overall just about the most beautiful day of the year.  Also its March Madness.  Speaking of my own madness, WTF am I doing here!

Since I am here and am giving up part of a gorgeous day, I better make this time valuable.  Shortly we will start a Saturday SMB Tradecast.  One of our new traders will show tape of their trading, senior traders will critique their work, other new traders will be asked questions (Socratic Method style), there will be bagels from Leo’s, and some jokes from me as the session progresses.

As a trader I learn from these sessions.  We will watch tape of BA (Boeing) and Trader Casey’s work.  While I am the session leader of this TradeCast I will also improve as a trader personally.  Here is what I will look for:

1) Was there a short I could have made at 72.60?

2) Should I have shorted with more size at 72.40?

3) Should I have added more size below 72.15?

4) Was there a catalyst that caused the consolidation between 72.15-72.40 to break?

5) Were there places below 72.15 to add more size to my short?

6) Did I scale out too early of some of my position?

7) Should I have reshorted for more size into the upmove to 72?

8) What are the most important levels we learned from BA to use for Monday?

Enjoy the beautiful weather :).   First I will be working on my game today!

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