If you are new to trading you will feel overwhelmed at the beginning. You can count on it. Why? Because you’re new—and every new trader needs to put in thousands of hours of screen time in order to get better. Look, to be a successful trader means learning many things, such as developing your trading skills (i.e., knowing what stock to choose and why; knowing when to get in and out of it), working on your trading psychology, writing in your journal everyday, learning market patterns, learning to read the tape, and so on. Keep in mind this counterintuitive truth: your job, in those first few weeks when starting out as a trader, is not to make money. Your job is to improve everyday.

Like learning any new skill you have to be patient. A kid falls off a bike when he first gets on—and then he gets on the bike again until he masters it. Bella makes an apt comparison to basketball: you only get better at the game the stronger you become. Same goes for trading: work hard every day, find the right culture that’s best for you, and remember, as Bella points out in one of the blog posts below, that “The most important thing you can do as you begin your trading career is to improve every day.” The following blog posts will get you on that road to improvement.

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