Pattern Recognition and air travel

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My partner and I were invited to Chicago yesterday for an interview to discuss our firm, SMB Capital.  All went well, grabbed some deep dish pizza at Gino’s East (delicious!), and headed for O’Hare.  The 3pm to NYC was delayed for 2 hours, the 4 for a little over 2 hours and the 5 for about 2 1/2.  My plane was posting for an on time arrival.  Huh?  Now I am not an expert in air traffic control, but I did know from the pattern recognition skills that I have developed as a trader that there was no way I was getting home as scheduled.  Even more inanely, we boarded the plane pretending that we were gonna take off on time, closed the cabin, approached the runway area and then just stopped.   Shockingly the captain announced, “there has been weather in NYC and we are not cleared for wheels up for another 2 hours.”  Ripper, but I think we knew that was coming.

Watching UPS into the close.  The intraday pattern for UPS is strength near 63 and weakness near 63.50.  IF UPS holds below 63 I will look to short it.  If UPS holds above 63.50 I will look to get long.      

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